Millerworks Information Services

Your database investment requires periodic maintenance and tune-up services.  This can be difficult because of:

  • limitations in the software
  • the crush of every day business
  • lack of skilled personnel
  • difficulty of learning new tools

I am offering you the skills of a database generalist on an occasional or part-time basis to research and implement specific enhancements that work for you. 

As a former trainer and one who has implemented many systems with the positive involvement of operational staff, I am passionate about systems that grow in that way, and that is the way I like to operate.  I have seen the trouble caused by over-sold systems, and I try to guard against unrealistic expectations.

I do not offer development services.  Development is time consuming and expensive.  Wherever possible, I like to maximize existing resources on a task-by-task basis.   

That said, it is possible that when I am through you will consider that you have a new system that you will be proud to show to your clients and careful to hide from your competitors! 

I Can Help

Let me evaluate your database investment.  Whether you are looking for a minor tune-up or are considering enhancing, upgrading, or converting. 


My broad database experience includes the following types:  Fundraising, Library Automation, Records Management, Document Management, Procurement, Project Management, HR Staffing and Placement, and Typesetting. I have worked extensively with:

  • Raisers Edge
  • Exceed
  • FoxPro
  • dBase
  • Alpha Five
  • Paradox
  • InfoBase
  • PC File

Specific Database Solutions

The following are typical special attention tasks that help sustain high quality database support to your organization:

Address Quality

Use the US Postal Service 'National Change of Address' program can clean, and update addresses  


Make sure you get output value for your input costs: do you have adequate and accurate built-in reports on a timely basis?

Complementary Reports

Where built-in reports are inadequate, supplement an inflexible system with reports generated from exported data. 

Alternate Outputs

Mold database technology around word processing, email, imaging, project planning, or web solutions in a way that is automatic and seamless to users.

Letter Automation

Generate specially tailored documents. Predominant word processsing programs have extensive (but seldom used) programming languages that make tedious work faster, more accurate, and more fun. 

Image Enable Databases

Similarly, images can be linked to databases in a way that can provide cost-effective, efficient and highly workable alternatives to expensive document management systems.

Handheld Computing

Give your traveling staff data at their fingertips. 

Code Consistency

Through time and a variety of operators, coding practices can become unreliable.  Review and homogenize past practices.

Backup and Archiving

It is all too easy to neglect this important part of database management. 

Methods of Operation

Evaluation Service

I like to start with a basic evaluation for a fixed fee.  The evaluation will conclude with analysis that may include recommendations for additional work by myself or other specialists.   

Specific Task Orders

The cost of subsequent tasks, if selected, will be detailed in Task Orders on a fixed price or hourly basis depending on the nature of the requirement. 

Security and Confidentiality

I have held National Security Secret clearances in active duty military and civilian DOD contracting environments.  In addition, I have dealt with sensitive donor and government procurement information. I customarily assure clients of the absolute confidentiality of sensitive or proprietary information by execution of security and non-disclosure statements to their satisfaction. 

Contact Information

Telephone: 703-548-6432